Fruits With The Most Sugar

We all know fruits are sweet because of the fruit sugars they contain, but what fruits have the highest concentrations? In this blog we look at the sweetest fruits and how much sugar they contain.


Mangoes have been cultivated in South Asia for thousands of years and reached Southeast Asia around 400 BC. By the 10th┬ácentury they were being grown in Africa, and in modern times are grown in most tropical regions. It’s yellow/orange flesh surrounds a large seed and they have skins which range from yellow through green to a reddish purple. Less sweet mangoes are used for chutneys while the ripe fruits are eaten on their own, used in deserts or made into drinks like a mango lassi when mixed with buttermilk, yoghurt and sugar. Their sweetness come from a sugar content of up to 13.7%.


Originally from modern day Iran, the Pomegranate is now a global crop cultivated on most continents. Their juice is widely enjoyed round the world, especially by the health conscious, for its high antioxidant content. Grenadine, a sweet syrup used in cocktails, was formerly made from pomegranates for its natural sweetness. With a sugar content of around 13.7% you can see why.


Lychee cultivation has a history dating back to 2000BC in China. The inedible red rind on the outside of the fruit is removed to reveal its white flesh, surrounding one edible seed. Lychees are usually eaten raw on their own, as part of a fruit salad or used in desert recipes. With a sugar content of up to 15.2% they are one of the sweetest of the asian fruits.


Since its domestication 8000 years ago in the near east, the grape has been used in wine and in its dried form as well as being enjoyed fresh. Grapes are also used for making juice, brandy and vinegar. Their high sugar content of 16.3% makes it perfect for turning into alcohol.


The fig brings horrified looks to people of a certain age with memories of the thick, gloopy syrup they used to have when they were growing up to stave off scurvy and rickets. There’s more to the fig than just that though; the mainstay of Christmas pudding and the fig roll biscuit is gram for gram the fruit with the most sugar, with up to 16.3% of the stuff. They are typically grown in the middle east and Mediterranean.

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