Try Some Different Seafood

Seafood is a strange one, some people love it whilst others don’t want to stray very far from what hey know. Most people are happy enough with a fish supper and the occasional bit of tuna, but if you want to look around there are loads of types of delicious fish available. Fish is a good source of high quality protein and it contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Whitefish is low in fat and oily fish is full of essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6.

Dover Sole

Dover Sole is a flatfish famed for its mild, sweet flavour, flaky texture fine flavour. They are commonly regarded as the finest of the sole family. They can grow up to 3 feet in length and usually weight around 0.5-1 kg when they are landed and have a distinct oval body shape. Dover sole is best cooked as simply as possible and can be fried, baked, grilled or poached. Combine it with a flavoured butter or a simple sauce for a classic fish dish. Pair Dover sole white a light, elegant Chablis, or a Chardonnay for a classic taste combination.

Hot Smoked Salmon

Almost everyone will have seen or tasted the bright orange smoked salmon somewhere, but what is far more rare is hot-smoked salmon. The bright orange stuff everyone is used to is cold smoked and is delicious in itself, but when people try hot-smoked salmon it is a game changer. The difference between them is obvious, with the smoking of normal smoked salmon taking place at a temperature around or below 25C whereas hot smoked salmon is smoked at temperatures of 70-80C and sometimes even higher. The difference in smoking temperature creates a completely different texture and taste, with a deeper smokier flavour and a firmer texture, similar to fully cooked fish. This delicious dish is definitely one to try if you haven’t already. Try it with a sparkling white or a Chardonnay.


Formerly the reserve of prisoners and newly arrived colonists to the USA, it was once so unpopular that prisoners weren’t allowed to eat it more than 3 times a week and if your children had lobster sandwiches it was seen as an embarrassment. All that changed in when railroads started to appear in the USA and lobster could be sent inshore, where people didn’t know it was regarded as a bottom feeding food of the poor. Apart from the shell, stomach and intestines every part of a lobster can be eaten and with it’s meat that is even leaner than chicken, it’s an unique delicacy. It is normally eaten with butter, a squeeze of lemon or made into a dish with pasta or into a bisque. Pair lobster with a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. You can even make use of a Marks and Spencer voucher code for sensational discounts on wine.


The strange looking, sideways walking crustacean is often overlooked by most people as a source of food because hey don’t know what to do with it. The brown crab, most popular in the UK, is a flavoursome treaty with the delicate white meat from its claw and the soft and rich brown meat from its body. Hugely versatile it can be eaten on its own, in salads or used in classic dishes like crab cakes, crab bisque or in curries and pasta sauces. Pair this with a Chardonnay or a Pino Gris.

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