The Negative Impacts of Not Eating the Right Food

We are all well aware that the better we eat, the healthier our bodies. “You are what you eat” is a phrase which is branded around a lot and for the most part, it generally is true. If you eat a lot of fatty foods, the fat reserves in your body are going to grow, along with your belly. Not eating right can drastically cut the life expectancy of a person, and we are not just talking about overeating, under eating can also have a profound and, at times, fatal consequence on our bodies. This article highlights the negative impact a poor diet has on our bodies.

Short-Term Consequences

People are often unaware of the short-term consequences of a poor diet and the knock-on effect these have on our quality of life. If you undereat and starve your body of the vital nutrients it needs to function, the short term consequences are visible in a person’s mood.  Because the nutrients in our food affect the emotional of our brains a person, depression in under eaters is common as the brain is starved of nutrients which has an adverse effect on a person’s mood.

A bad diet also has a negative impact on our sleep. Recent studies have shown that diet has a profound effect on the number of hours we sleep a night. People who consume more than the recommended daily amount of calories tend to sleep less than those who consume the suggested amount. In this instance, diet and sleep are directly linked. If you have a poor night sleep you are more likely to crave sugar, fatty foods and caffeine to give you energy. Consuming too much of these types of foods will give you too much energy and make you stay awake for longer in the evening which will then continue the cycle.

Long-Term Consequences

The long-term consequences of a poor diet are alarming and can be fatal. There has been a direct link established between high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and certain cancers to name but a few. By continuously eating foods which are high in salt and fats, particularly common in fast foods, your blood pressure will rise. Continuous high blood pressure will eventually lead to heart failure which is a major cause of death in the western world.

In recent years, the link between poor diet and cancer has become a focal point for health enthusiasts. There has been a direct link between being overweight and developing cancers in the following organs; pancreas, kidney, and breast. It is not just overeating that can cause cancer, under-eating can cause osteoporosis, otherwise known as brittle bone disease which can lead to some bone-related cancers such as bone sarcoma. Diet can also affect the treatment of these illnesses. The LOC, which specialises in the treatment of cancer, state that the treatment of sarcomas and other cancers can depend on the general health of a patient. Thus the healthier you are, the more chance you have of fighting off cancer.



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